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Save time and money.
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Complete Order History
Many reasons can arise that create a demand to know the details of past orders. Don't worry, we have your complete order history saved. Let use know what you want and we will send it out to you immediately.

Scheduled Deliveries
Have GTZIP® deliver your order at a repeating time to fit into your business cycle.

Employee Authorization
Choose which of your employees are authorized to place orders or reorder with us. We will keep the names on file and charge the orders to your account.

Online Ordering
Want to place an order after phone hours? No problem, simply place your order online. The process is secure and efficient.
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  Established Customers
GTZIP® customers include such notables as:
Barnes and Noble
Cox Communications
Fossil Watch
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
J. Peterman
Mailboxes, Etc.
Sharper Image
Simplicity Patterns
Ritz Carlton
US Army Rangers

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